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As part of our mission to build a strong community around water sports in the Middle Tennessee area we have created an easy way for you to try out new sports and/or meet new friends.


1. How does the process work?

It is simple, you fill out a request for a pull on the left of the screen. This request will be sent out to our group of volunteers and someone will reach out to you and give you more information about their boat, lake and start working with you to get something scheduled.

2. Does it cost anything?

No, there is no cost to get a pull. However, it is important to note that the drivers are not reimbursed for any of their time or gas. They all do this because they love the sport and enjoy meeting new people. Because of this it might be nice to volunteer to help with gas.

3. Do I need to know how to do any water sports?

No, but please inform us of your experience level when you request a pull. This will allow us to find the best match for your skill level.

Some Of Our Volunteers

10847436_10102486985408485_4450228780437533115_o Joshua & Elizabeth Kent

Boat: 2015 MasterCraft X-23
Sports: Wakesurfing and Wakeboard

Jason Tucker

Sports:  Anything on the water….and if you’re into it, anything under the water involving a tank of oxygen!