About Moomba

Introduced to the tournament wakeboard and water ski boat category as an affordable performance water sports boat, Moomba is not a compromise. It is a simply designed boat built for extraordinary performance without the added cost of needless complexity, trendy accessories and high profile athlete endorsements. Moomba boats put the fun in function with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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Distinguishing Features


9304467348_9da7d9a427_bMoomba’s remain the most affordable new tournament water sports boats from a leading international manufacturer. Whether you demand direct drive or v-drive performance, you simply can’t find a tow boat that makes entry into true water sports performance more affordable. But it’s not just the initial price point that makes Moomba such a great value. When you compare the lifetime cost of ownership of a Moomba to any and all tournament boats, you will learn that Moomba’s retain their resale value, so that the price you pay for your overall boat ownership is as attractive as the initial sales price.

Flow Surf

Moomba has applied the “No Worries” theme to their version of wave enhancement to achieve a high level of performance without compromising straight froward operation and reliability. The Flow’s simple but effective design and strong billet aluminum construction joins a shot peened anodized finish for added strength and durability. This wave mechanism is also through-bolted for extreme support.

Surf Platform

Moomba has a unique and swim platform design. This design keeps the edges of the swim platform out of the water when the boat is weighted so that it doesn’t dig into the wave. This has been shown to clean up the surf wave and provide a better surfing experience for riders of all levels.