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About Moomba

Introduced to the tournament wakeboard and water ski boat category as an affordable performance water sports boat, Moomba is not a compromise. It is a simply designed boat built for extraordinary performance without the added cost of needless complexity, trendy accessories and high profile athlete endorsements. Moomba boats put the fun in function with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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Distinguishing Features

Power & Performance

Pursue greater possibilities with Raptor by Indmar. With a Moomba, you’ll experience the same state-of-the-art engine that powers the F-150 SVT Raptor® and F-Series Super Duty® Trucks— which boasts best-in class horsepower, torque and max towing ratings.

Yesterday’s performance mantra was focused on horsepower—a necessary component for top end speed, but not the right metric for loaded boats in big wake applications. While horsepower is still important today, our power philosophy is centered around torque and water-specific engineering. With Raptor by Indmar’s 6.2L displacement, dual spark plug cylinders and a next-generation silent exhaust system, we’re not just meeting water sports enthusiasts’ expectations. We’re setting them.

Wake & Surf Systems

In addition to automatically adjusting ballast for a precisely-shaped wake and wave, our patented AutoWake® features predictive state technology that begins measuring and adjusting ballast before the boat even leaves the dock.

How your boat’s hull sits in the water is the most important factor in achieving a precise wake or surf wave. AutoWake® positions the boat in the water at the optimal angle to deliver just that.

AutoWake®, the G3 Ballast System and Moomba SmartPlate™ 2.0 don’t just work together—all three systems can be customized depending on rider preference.

AutoWake’s integrated sensor constantly measures for changes in weight distribution inside the boat. It detects pitch, roll and depth in the water and adjusts ballast automatically to maintain your wake’s shape.

Comfort, Style & Control

From the seats underneath you to the speakers by your side, we put your comfort and fun first when designing the features found in all of our interiors.

Every Moomba is fit to provide volumes of sound courtesy of our standard audio package with Bluetooth Fusion Stereo and 6.5″ speakers.

Snap-In, Fast-Dry Carpet
While you’re out on the water, don’t worry about drying off before hopping back in the boat. Every Moomba comes standard with plush quick dry carpet that snaps out in seconds for cleaning.

Durable non-skid flooring from with a custom Moomba design is the perfect package to long days on the water. Delivering comfort, durability and increased traction in an easy to maintain package.

Every 2018 Moomba comes with the all-new standard sliding rear seat. This comfortable seating configuration quickly converts from a traditional bench to a rear-facing seat to cheer on your favorite rider. For even more functional comfort, the optional backrest kit deploys in seconds so your passengers can stretch out and take in all the action.