2013 Moomba Mojo 2.5

Bringing inspiration and innovation to value performance wake boating, the Mojo 2.5 wide-bow boat is an experience in wakes, handling, ride, reliability and fun. This 22-foot six-inch wake slider’s dream rolls off the production line with a boat-load of standard features and more wake sport performance than its price class can handle. A definite departure from the “me too” pickle fork trend in wakeboard boat design, this Moomba gives value performance buyers a safe, deep, wide bow in addition to extreme functionality. Simply comfortable interior design compliments the functional nature of the boat with snap-out carpet covering an, easily maintained, all fiberglass floor. This unique boat design is pushed by the torquey Indmar Assault 330 horse power engine, perfect to pull all levels of riders. Beginner to pro will flip for the Moomba Multisport Wakeplate, Digital Pro speed control, the available 1,250 pound Gravity III ballast system and the new optional Surf+ wakesurfing platform. Put some more pop in your lake life with the 2013 Moomba Mojo 2.5.

  • Overall Length w/o Platform: 22′ 6″
  • Overall Length w/ Platform: 24′ 6″
  • Overall Length w/ Trailer: 26′ 2″
  • Width (Beam): 99″
  • Overall Width w/ Trailer: 102″
  • Draft: 27.5″
  • Weight – Boat only: 3,900 lbs
  • Weight – Boat and Trailer: 5,100 lbs
  • Capacity – Passenger: 16
  • Capacity – Weight: 2,400 lbs
  • Capacity – Fuel: 49 gals
  • Capacity – Ballast (Standard): 1,800 lbs
  • Capacity – Ballast (Optional): NA
  • Engine – Electronic Fuel Injection: 330 HP, V-8

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