Thank you for your interest in our winterization services. Whether you have an inboard, sterndrive or outboard, complete the form below to request to schedule your end-of-season appointment.

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    We offer three appointment options Tuesday through Saturday to meet your winterization needs:

    1. Express Drive Thru appointment. Our most popular option. We’ll service your boat while you wait. Leave it hooked to your vehicle, and we’ll get you back on the road within an hour and a half.
    2. Drop off appointment. Leave your boat with us to complete the work in 24-36 hours. All boats must be picked up within 2 days of completion.
    3. Mobile service. Whether your boat’s on Center Hill, Old Hickory, Percy, the Cumberland River, or Tim’s Ford, we’ll come to you. This service comes with an added convenience fee.

    Regardless of where your boat is stored – on a lift, at a storage facility, even in a heated garage, your machine sits unused for 5-6 months. Our winterization procedure is a critical step to keep your boat and engine healthy during the winter months for several reasons – most importantly, it:

    1. Protects your engine from cracks due to freeze.
    2. Lubricates your motor and protects it from flash rusting.
    3. Treats the fuel delivery system.

    We take great pride in our winterization process, which does not require a de-winterization come spring time. This work includes:

    • Treating your fuel and your entire fuel delivery system.
    • Fogging the intake to protect the top side of your engine from rusting.
    • Draining your engine of all water, flushing it with environmentally safe anti-freeze and re-plugging. (Unlike other service centers who may simply drain your fluids, we fill your engine with anti-freeze to protect and lubricate it.)

    Here are a few things to remember prior to your winterization appointment:

    • Arrive at your scheduled appointment time with your boat keys.
    • Remove any gear from your ballast compartments.
    • If you have a drop off appointment, bring your cover and poles.
    • If you are taking advantage of our shrink wrap or detail services, remove all gear from all storage compartments. Ensure your boat is completely dry for a shrink wrap, including your cushions and foam, carpets and canvas, ballast, bilge, and storage compartments.
    • Please be prepared to pick up your boat within 2 days of completion to avoid a storage fee.

    Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts by calling or texting us at (615) 444-2628.